Tips for going back to school for both adults and children

Whether you’ve been considering going back to school to finish a class, starting a college degree, or registering at a community college, you have a lot to gain. Furthering your education or brushing up on your skills is beneficial for a student of any age because it can help you reach your goals quicker.

If you’re in the mood to exercise your brain, we’ve created some fun quizzes for you to get inspired about learning. You might like to try our free Middle School Vocab Test or have some fun with our Math or Geography quiz. If you’re interested in medicine, how about a game of Surgery? For those of you who know a little bit about everything, don’t forget to give our General Knowledge quiz a go too!

The older we are, the more responsibilities we have, so it’s important to know how to juggle our work and home life without getting too overwhelmed. If you are thinking about going back to school as an adult, make sure you consider these points to help you get settled more easily.

  • Find a school that accommodates adult learners
  • If you’ve done some schooling before, see if you can transfer some of your old credits to your new course
  • Choose subjects that help you reach your goals
  • If you’re extremely busy with work or family life, choose a program that offers flexible learning, such as online or afternoon classes
  • Apply for funding or scholarships that will help ease your financial debts
  • Check with your employer to see if they are willing to pay for your course (if it’s work-related)
  • Check if you have any tax benefits as a returning student
  • Plan your life so that you give yourself plenty of time for both work and play

7 back-to-school ideas to get kids inspired to learn

If you are wanting to get your kids inspired to learn, we’ve prepared some fresh tips for you here! No matter how old your kids are, the transition back to school can be hard. Let’s face it, whether your kids are going back to the classroom or are doing virtual learning, there are some challenges that both kids and parents face. Luckily, there are things that you can do for your kids to make those first few weeks a little easier. We’ve prepared 10 back-to-school ideas to get your kids excited and inspired about the year ahead.

1. Back-to-School shopping outing

What’s better than a new pencil case filled with fluorescent highlighters, novelty pencil sharpeners and your kids’ favorite character-shaped erasers? Of course, you also have to get the essentials, but throwing in some exciting things won’t hurt! What kid can wait to open up their new supplies and show them off to their friends? Be sure to plan your back-to-school shopping around sale time and go with a list to avoid overspending.

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2. Pack their lunchbox with deliciousness

Nothing will ever replace a home-cooked meal, but if your kids have to return to the classroom, you can always pack them a lunch that makes them feel close to home. You can opt for some healthy snacks or their favorite treats, but make sure there is a balance of goodies in there. If your kid is just starting school, get them to put their favorite stickers on their lunchbox to make it feel more personal. Be creative with your food prep and serving ideas, kids are more likely to eat food that looks good or food that they’ve packed themselves.

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3. Make a “goody bag”

There is a German custom in which kids receive a paper cone full of school supplies and treats for their first day of school. The kids open the cone when they get to school and it brings them joy as they share what’s inside with their friends. You can also make a goody bag. It doesn’t have to be cone-shaped but a bag or a box that looks enticing will have the same results!

Back to school ideas

4. Decorate back-to-school essentials

Many kids love art and craft so you can ask them to help you cover their schoolbooks, add personal touches to their school supplies or design notebooks and stickers. If your kids are really inspired by craft, try your local scrapbooking store for some supplies or use their drawings and photographs to create their very own personalized designs.


5. Upcycling projects make homework fun

Homework doesn’t have to feel like a burden and you can spice it up by designing a creative learning area for your children. While doing so, you can teach your kids about upcycling by reusing old jars, cans and craft materials. You can even leave fruit and snacks on the table so they can snack while learning.


6. Create a “kids only” space in your home!

If your kids are low on energy after returning from school, make a space for them in your home to help them unwind. A cubby house will make the transition from school to home so much easier if they feel safe and comfortable. The first week back at school can be stressful for kids, but if you gather their favorite books and toys all in one space, they will start to understand the importance of both work and play.


7. Invite their friends over for play and study time

Ask your kids to invite their friends over for playdates or study evenings. This will create a positive atmosphere at school and at home. Making friends is always a daunting thing, and a little push in the right direction will have your kids socializing and forming bonds in no time.