Cherry Blossom Quiz

Cherry blossoms are one of the quintessential symbols of Japan. The sakura season in Spring is not only a beautiful spectacle to behold, but also reminds us of our connection to the seasons and the transience of all things. It’s also party time, with hanami blossom viewing parties held from the the isles of Okinawa to the tip top of Hokkaido. How much do you know about all things cherry blossom? This ten question quiz will test your knowledge!
There are around 600 officially recognized variety of cherry tree in Japan. Whilst 80% of the sakura seen in Japan is ‘Somei Yoshino’, there are many wild varieties that thrive and bloom in different ways. selects and provides some of the most played and best quizzes available online. Such quizzes are always free to play and accessible via any connected internet browser in the world. Our selected quizzes will cover a wide range of topics, from general interests to sports, geography, entertainment and much more. Questions can sometimes be very easy but don’t be surprised when your brain will be fully activated whilst playing our selected quizzes. From standard questions to interactive videos or carefully put together riddles, you will find it all within our carefully selected quizzes. Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with our latest update and share our selected quizzes with your friends to see if they can beat you!