In Which Magical World Do You Belong?

Imagining fantastic places has always been a staple of humanity. Over millennia, we have let our imagination run wild and created magical universes inhabited by the strangest creatures – from countless versions of the afterlife to Utopia, from Narnia to Neverland, from Asgard to Oz. Have you ever wondered which magical place you would fit right in? With this test of 15 fun questions you can finally find out. So, let’s jump into the wardrobe, through the looking glass and steer towards the second star to the right, and straight on till morning...
Have you ever wanted to dance around in the snow in the magical kingdom of Oz? Let’s just hope your imagination takes you to a different version of this fantastic realm than the one of the world-famous 1939 movie – the snow that was used in the poppy scene was made of asbestos!

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